deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt

Special projects / Engineering

Special projects
 / Engineering

You have the problem? We have the solution!

In cooperation with a variety of manufacturers and engineering offices in Germany and Europe, we develop individual technologies and solutions for specific requirements of our customers. 

Under the leadership of the team of ACHSE Lateinamerika GmbH, these solutions are planned and developed. Working closely with engineers and technicians of our partner companies, the customer receives a turnkey solution, including delivery, operator training and after sales service.

If required, we also offer financing options for your project. 

If you also have a complex problem in your work process, please contact us. Our specialists will find the optimal solution for you, with regards to both technical and economic aspects.

Semi-automatic cleaning of large oil tanks by water pressure (2500 bar) using the Spiderjet system of the company Hammelmann, in connection with vacuum-operated equipment by Wiedemann enviro tec, compressors by Kaeser and other components and tools from various manufacturers.

The resulting waste water is absorbed by the vacuum system Wiedemann enviro tec and transported into a tank car, which is then emptied at a suitable location for the preparation of highly exposed residues..

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