deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
LORCH Schweißtechnik GmbH
Welding machines for trade and industry across the globe – Made in Auenwald

Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH ranks among Germany’s leading manufacturers of welding power sources for use in metal crafting, industrial applications and automation processes. Founded in 1957, the company was taken over in the 1980s by Helmut Grüb and his son Wolfgang, who followed a clear vision and turned the company into what it is today: the largest employer in Auenwald who produces more than 24,000 welding systems per year at one of the most cutting-edge production facilities and distributes these premium quality systems in more than 60 countries. 

More than just a producer of power sources for arc welding machines, Lorch always puts the customer’s requirements front and centre and considers themselves a provider of comprehensive solutions when it comes to high-quality manual welding, partially automated solutions including pipe welding or automation applications involving robots. Welding equipment engineered by Lorch merges first-rate suitability for real-world applications with superior ease of use and outstanding efficiency.

Approximately 200 of the 250 staff members in the employ of this family-owned business work at the company’s plant in Auenwald, Germany. The company attaches the greatest importance to research and development. Attesting to this fact are the slew of patents for which Lorch has applied over the years as well as the large number of awards that the company has been given for their product innovations. The battery-powered electrode welding machine MicorStick was awarded the “Federal Prize 2014 for Outstanding Innovative Craftmanship” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The company also remains consistently on the cutting edge when it comes to engineering the latest technology in the field of MIG-MAG welding: In 2008, the company launched the patented Speed pulse process, which, in the meantime, has been developed into a variety of additional “Speed” processes to increase its suitability for a wider range of requirements and applications. In 2016 the first MIG-MAG machines with further improved Speed XT-processes were delivered – all with one overall goal: to enhance productivity and security throughout the industrial welding process.

Lorch is the definition of “Made in Germany” – dedicated to uphold this standard for 60 years now, the company keeps investing in their Auenwald location: An ultramodern logistics centre and a high-performance application centre for all individual customer requirements.

Firmenzentrale der Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH in Auenwald

Head office of Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH in Auenwald

View from the gallery to production and assembly at the location of Auenwald

Production and assembly

Welding with the Lorch SpeedPulse-XT process

Perfect welding seams with the Lorch TracWheel welding carriages from the Lorch Automation Solutions program

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