deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt

KREBS & RIEDEL Schleifscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

The family-owned business, KREBS & RIEDEL, has been producing grinding wheels since its foundation in 1895 in Bad Karlshafen. It is one of the leading German manufacturers of grinding wheels with its over 220 committed employees. The export quota of approximately 40 % of sales shows the strong international orientation of the company.

The delivery programme includes conventional grinding and cutting wheels in corundum and silicon carbide. Since 1985 the company has also manufactured highly productive vitrified CBN and diamond grinding wheels due to the increasing demands of its customers.

The grinding tools conform to the exact requirements of every single customer. KREBS & RIEDEL’s aims are fully defined in close dialogue with the customers as, for example, an increase of the stock removal performance or upgraded surface quality etc. The tool for the customer is then produced by a specific selection of the components of abrasive and binder as well as an aligned structural form. The process is fully optimized in many cases because of common and local optimizing measures.

The clients’ satisfaction as with the quality of the products is the centre of the attention. Reliability, a good after-sales-service, and the highest quality standards are basic conditions for that purpose. KREBS & RIEDEL does not see itself only as a producer of grinding wheels but also as a service provider for the customers. Together requirements are determined and process solutions and improvements are worked out. KREBS & RIEDEL is available to every customer in every sector.


Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide wheels in vitrified and resin bond for most industrial applications; outer diameters up to 900 mm:

  • cylindrical grinding
  • surface grinding
  • tool grinding
  • centreless grinding
  • gear grinding
  • rough grinding

Vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels for peripheral speeds up to 200 m/s:

  • internal grinding
  • surface gringing
  • cylindrical grinding
  • tool grinding
  • special grinding processes

Abrasive cut-off wheels with resin bond, with or without fibre-glass reinforcement; outer diameters up to 800 mm:

  • straight cutting
  • swing frame cutting
  • rotary cutting

Wheels for fettling and snagging, with or without fibreglass reinforcement; for use in contract fettling shops and foundries:

  • grinding wheels for swing frame grinders
  • grinding wheels for floor stand grinders
  • grinding wheels for grinding manipulators
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