deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
deenes +49 (0)39266 942411Gewerbegebiet Süd 2, 39443 Staßfurt OT Förderstedt
HAMMELMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Founded 1949 in Oelde, Hammelmann has been manufacturing high pressure plunger pumps and cleaning systems for over 60 years. The equipment is used worldwide in virtually all industries, for example, paint stripping and cleaning metal surfaces such as ship hulls, paint spray booth grids storage tanks; de-burring engine blocks, cleaning of heat exchanger, vessels and pipes; maintenance of bridges, roads and other structures. With operating pressures up to 3,800 bar high pressure water is utilised for cutting reinforced concrete, metals and other hard materials.


High pressure pumps

  • High pressure pumps overview
  • Sewer cleaning pumps
  • Accessories for pumps
  • Conversion Kits
  • Design Features
  • Efficiency & Life cycle costs
  • Quality control

Water jetting technology

  • Basic accessories
  • Surface blasting
  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Pipe / sewer cleaning
  • Tank cleaning systems
  • Abrasive cutting

Process pumps – Pump units

  • Diesel driven
  • Electrically driven
  • Jet cutting systems
  • Offshore operation
  • Shipboard operation
  • Washing and deburring
  • Deep mining industry
  • Coolant pumping units
  • Telematic

Water hydraulics

  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Multi tool valves
  • Non return valve
  • Pressure maintaining valves
  • Solenoid actuated valves
  • Safety valves
  • Splitter nozzles
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